I've had a very busy few weeks, so project essentially stopped for about a month. But I got back at it about 10 days ago, and have been beavering away on finishing the upper gear leg fairings and the wheel pants. I started the landing gear fairings months ago, but am finally getting near the end.

I made the upper gear leg fairings by putting vinyl tape on everything, putting oil based modeling clay in place to make the shape, then laying up some fibreglas over it. I slit the back to get it off.

I used two existing screws to hold the bottom of the fairing to the bottom of the fuselage. I used a screw at the back to hold the fairing tightly together at the split line.

The screw at the back goes up from the bottom, so it won't be visible unless you look under the fuselage. It screws into a nut plate that is fibreglassed inside the fairing.

I don't think I'll need any screws on the top side, as the fairing sits quite tightly against the fuselage. I had a tiny gap at the front of one fairing, but I put the soft side of some Velcro on the inside of the fairing to take up the gap. This will also keep the fairing from scuffing the paint, I think.

You can see a hole at the back where I had to drill to make a recess for the threaded part of the nut plate to go into. That hole will be filled in with fibreglas filler, so it won't be visible once everything is finished.