I've had a very busy May and early June - on the road for about 3.5 out of 4 weeks. The last trip was a one week vacation in Quebec City with Terry. We had a great time. Old Quebec is a very interesting place to visit - the only North American fortified city north of Mexico where the walls still exist. Many of the buildings inside the walls date back to the 1700s or 1800s, with a very few from the 1600s. Very scenic. Lots of history. Too many great restaurants. Friendly people.

We spent one day on l'Ile d'Orleans, a medium sized island in the St. Lawrence river, east of Quebec City. It is full of interesting places, and it has to be the best organized tourist destination I have ever seen. You stop at the Chamber of Commerce a bit past the bridge onto the island, and they sell you a $1 guide that lists a bunch of the various types of attractions. The guide lists the attractions by category, and shows where they are on a map. Each place has a number, the number is on a sign by the road, and the numbers go in sequence as you drive around the coast.

We spent an hour at Domaine Steinbach, tasting their wonderful cider, ice cider, duck pate, mustards, etc. We bought a bunch of their products - highly recommended if you are in the area. They also ship the items, so don't be afraid to give them a try.

Terry, although she is from Wisconsin, has a few very distant French-Canadian ancestors. We spent a day at a genealogy centre in Chateau-Richer, and found some interesting tidbits on several ancestors from the mid 1600s, including exactly which pieces of land they had settled on. Then we went for a drive and found the pieces of farm land that her ancestors had.

We got back home Sunday afternoon, a week ago. I don't have any more trips scheduled, for now, so I need to make some progress on the aircraft. This week I did several rounds of fill, sand and paint on various fibreglas parts, plus I knocked several small items off the snag list.