I've been slowly grinding away at the snag list, and doing a bit of fibreglas work. The snag list is down to 50 or so, plus bunch of To Do items.

Some days go well, but other days are a struggle to make any real progress. The flexible hoses are a good example. I got them pressure tested a few weeks ago, and then ordered the band clamps and clamp tightening tool I needed to put the firesleeve on. That stuff arrived on Thursday. Saturday I put the firesleeve on several hoses, and finished the ends of the sleeve with some red high temperature RTV silicone. Sunday I grabbed the first hose, to put it back on the aircraft. The hose I grabbed was part of the inverted oil system, and went from the front left corner of the oil sump, around the front of the engine, to the inverted oil system tank behind the engine on the right side. The additional diameter from the firesleeve meant that the hose didn't fit around some of the corners the same way, and I had a very tough time getting it hooked up - it wasn't quite long enough. I eventually had to rework the position of the inverted oil tank a bit to move it closer to the engine. It took about an hour.

Then I realized that I should inspect the inside of the hoses to be sure they were clean. They were clean before they were pressure tested, but I hadn't looked inside since. I grabbed a hose, held it up to the light and looked inside - it wasn't clean - it looked like there was some very fine grit. I looked at some more hoses - same thing. So, I removed the hose I had installed, and spent quite a while pulling some clean rags through the hoses with a piece of nylon cord to clean them. Monday I finally got that first hose back on, but I still have some work to do to properly secure the inverted oil system tank in its new position.