I'm beavering away, slowly getting little things done on the airplane. It seems that for every thing I get done, I see another one or two more that need doing. So, while I am making progress, my list of things that need doing is getting longer rather than shorter. But, if I keep plugging away, someday I will be done.

I drove out to Carp today, to meet up with RV-8 builder John Perrin. He had a Strong 304 parachute that he had used during his flight testing. He doesn't wear it any more, so he decided to sell it. I put it on and climbed in his aircraft to see how comfortable it was. It isn't as comfortable as a seat cushion, but it isn't bad. It should be more comfortable than the cushion on an ejection seat, and I've got lots of hour strapped into those. So I bought it.

I took the snow tires off both cars this weekend, and put the summer tires back on. I traditionally do this immediately before the last snow storm of the season, so I wouldn't be surprised to wake up to snow tomorrow :)

I'm starting two weeks of vacation tomorrow. I'm hoping to make quite a bit of progress on the aircraft.