Early this week I spent some time securing some of the wiring ahead of the firewall. Then I noted that the starter cable was rubbing on the mixture cable bracket. In the past, I would have simply added this item to my snag list, and worry about it at some unspecified time in the distant future. But now that I am getting closer to the end of the project, I am trying to tie off those loose ends as I find them.

Securing the starter cable ate up a lot more time than I expected. I tried two different ways to attach it to an oil pan bolt with Adel clamps, but it was still rubbing on the mixture cable bracket. I eventually found a way to tie it down, but it ate up two evenings.

Then I noted that the mixture cable bracket had not been torqued. It took a bit of head scratching, but I managed a Rube Goldberg arrangement with a combination wrench, a bolt, two nuts and a torque wrench. I still have to figure out a way to torque the fastener that holds the Adel clamp that holds the starter cable to the oil pan. This one will take a bit of Red Green, I think.

I box of hardware arrived this week, so I have the stuff I need to finish off a bunch of other loose ends. Today I put in some bolts with holes in the heads to hold the flap torque tube, and safety wired them. The basic design relies on the friction from the nutplates that the bolts go into, but I wanted a more positive safety, as this is a critical part.

This afternoon I fitted the baggage tie downs to the rear baggage area.