What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was quite bummed out to discover that I would have interference between the main power feeder and the aileron pushrod. And I probably had interference in the same place on the right side, with a different wiring bundle. The main power feeder could be repositioned, as there was a loop at the battery contactor that could provide some slack. But the feeder has bundled with the remote compass wiring bundle, and any slack I could get there was going to require at least two trips way down into the aft fuselage to loosen and retighten the clamps.

Tonight I took a second look at things. Now I'm almost certain that the wiring bundle on the right side will be OK as is. And I realized that while the remote compass wiring was bundled with the main power feeder, it wasn't actually bundled with it in the area where the interference was. So, I wouldn't need to go all the way back in the fuselage to make any slack in that bundle.

I loosened up all the clamps holding the main power feeder, cut all the plastic ties that bundled it with the remote compass wiring, and loosened the power feeder at the battery contactor. Then I was able to gradually work it forward a bit to create some slack in the aileron pushrod area. I drilled a hole for another Adel clamp and secured it clear of where the pushrod will go. I still have to work the feeder straight again along its length, retighten all the clamps and put on new plastic ties, but I'm over the hump. I'm much happier now than I was 24 hours ago.