I've spend quite a few hours this week securing wiring bundles in the fuselage. I thought they were in reasonably good shape, but a close inspection revealed quite a number of areas where the wiring bundles could move around, or where there was risk of chafing on something. I've had to add quite a few extra clamps, and move some of the already installed clamps. I've found that a few wires had some slack in them, so I've had to chase that wire down the whole length of the bundle, pulling out the slack and moving it to the end of the bundle. Then I cut the wire and shorten it at whatever it connects to.

This evening I finished securing the main power feeder from the aft battery to the forward fuselage, and I thought I had finally finished all this wiring bundle work. Then I noted that both the main power feeder and another wiring bundle go very, very close to where the aileron pushrod will be. I can't tell exactly how high the aileron pushrod will be, so I can't say for sure whether I have a problem or not. I guess I'll let this one sit until I install the wings at the hangar. Hopefully it'll turn out OK. If not, I'll have to do a lot of repositioning of things to create some slack at the aileron pushrod area so I can secure things out of the way. That'll be a very big job.