There have been a couple of message threads about Randy Simpson's titanium Ti-Downs (sold by his company, Airtime) on the RV-List in the last few months (search the list archives). Randy's Ti-Downs are a work of art, and they are very light and work extremely well. I purchased a set several years ago, and am very happy with them. But, prospective purchasers should think twice, as many people only get their Ti-Downs after many months of badgering Randy by e-mail, letter, and telephone. And several people have paid their money and never received their Ti-Downs.

Some posters on the RV-List believed Randy was simply disorganized, and that he didn't intend to rip anyone off. Others, who paid their money and never received the goods, feel he is a crook, or is running a scam. The following postings on the RV-List are reproduced with the permission of the authors:

We've been trying to contact Randy for over a month by phone and email. We have gotten no response to anything so have pursued a refund via PayPal and our CC company. It may be a good product but the business model is unacceptable and I would not recommend this guy for any reason. - Name withheld by request.

Mine took 3 months to arrive. I left him a voice mail that said I was turning him in to pay pal as non responsive. He called me a week after that and sent the tie downs about three week later. I think that he is just very disorganized. If you wait long enough you will get the product, providing that Randy has not totally forgotten your order. - Name withheld by request.

As others have said, I don't believe he is a crook. He is just a "free spirit" and totally disorganized. I ordered a set in Feb 04 and received them several months later (with a little prodding on my part), but I did receive them and they are a work of art!

So he was definitely delivering them long after you placed your order. I can't understand why he operates the way he does, as he has an excellent product. Nonetheless, I can't in good faith recommend anyone order anything from him until (unless) he gets his act together. - Richard Tasker

Tie downs ordered in March 2003, numerous emails and promises later, result no tiedowns. I should not have to contact him weekly to get the product as others have claimed to do. Questionable business practices and ethics. - Bob

Randy does make wonderful tie downs. But you should think twice before putting in an order.