The Narco 122D installation is coming along nicely. I hadn't planned on having this item when I did the wiring, so some of the wiring was in the way of where the far end of the 122D needed to go. It took a bit of doing, but I managed to move several wire bundles and secure them so they wouldn't rub on the Narco box.

I got the electrical installation for the Narco finished yesterday. It took quite a bit of study of the Narco 122D Installation Manual to figure out how to wire the connector - my first attempt didn't work, but I figured out how I had misinterpreted the manual, and the second try was a winner. I had to modify the DB-37 connector, as it originally hit a lateral stiffener at the aft end of the forward luggage compartment. I managed to cut part of the connector backshell away, and then patch the hole in it with 5 minute epoxy.

Today I figured out where to mount the Comant CI-1125 dual VOR/glideslope diplexer, which takes the signal from the Nav antenna, pulls the glideslope signal out, and splits the nav and glideslope so they can each go to two receivers. Tonight I tried to make up the coax cables, but found that the RG-400 coax ends I had were not compatible with the RG-58 coax - I thought those two coax types used the same connectors, but not so.