I've been on the road for most of the last three weeks. First, there were several days of meetings in Montreal, then I spent two very enjoyable weeks in Brazil doing flight testing of the Embraer ERJ-175. I did get some work done on my test card database during the weekend in Brazil, and a bunch of parts I ordered arrived while I was away. But, no physical progress has happened since early May.

Saturday I was very tired from the overnight trip back from Brazil. Sunday I had to do some dryer vent repair work, and spend time with Terry. This afternoon I attacked the oil cooler door linkage. The work started off poorly when I countersunk some holes on the wrong side of the sliding door, which meant I needed to throw the old one on the scrap heap and make a new one, which wasted two hours. But, the new one turned out OK, so I moved on to making a prototype linkage from wood, to test out the geometry. I didn't quite get it finished, but it looks like it should work.