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I realized that it has been over a year and a half since I last updated the project status. It is quite depressing to read the last version, and see how little I've accomplished since then. Too much time on the road, and not enough time in the garage when I'm at home.

Big Picture - The structure is essentially complete. Here you see the fuselage, with engine and prop attached. The wings and the rest of the tail surfaces are in the basement. The engine installation is mostly complete, but I still have to fabricate the top of the plenum chamber for the cooling system, and I have to finish off a few other small details.

The avionics and instrument panel installation is essentially complete. I still have to paint the instrument panel and permanently install the fixed, outer parts of the instrument panel. I have a few cockpit details to finish off. The wiring is still a mess, as I have barely started to tidy up the wire bundles. The cowling and the canopy are complete.

I have refused to predict when I will fly, as I would be setting myself up for failure and frustration if I had a schedule to meet. I am enjoying working on the project, and I try to do something everyday that I'm home. I'm trying to increase the pace of activity so that I can fly in 2006. See the more complete To Do List for a better idea on how much I have left to do.

You can see bigger versions of these photos by clicking on them (a new feature since the recent software update). You can see bigger versions of selected older photos in the Construction Photo Gallery.