I've finished a long overdue update to the Geeklog software that runs this web site.

Known Problems:

  • Some of the site stats functions have not been updated yet. Definitely a low priority item to finish.


  • You can click on images in articles posted from this date forward to see a larger version.
  • The default colour scheme, (a.k.a. theme) has changed, as the one I was using hasn't been updated to be compatible with the latest software update.
  • The forum has been disabled for now. The forum was hardly used, so I'll probably leave it out, to reduce the amount of time it takes to do this and future updates.
  • Anonymous comments have been enabled again, as the software upgrade supposedly has a filter to block IP addresses that were posting links to porn via comments.
  • I've enabled news feeds - see the block at the top right. I'm still messing around with the options a bit, so the amount of content won't stabilize for awhile.
  • The search function is improved, with more options to narrow down the results found.

If you find anything that doesn't seem to be working right, please note it in a comment to this item.