I had great plans to work on the project yesterday, but life intervened. Terry discovered some water coming into the basement in the morning, and we spent most of the day fighting that battle. It was unseasonably warm here, with a lot of melting going on. It turns out that a bunch of leaves had blocked one downspout, so the gutters had backed up and frozen earlier in the winter. A large amount of water was coming off a valley in the roof, going over the frozen gutter, and pooling in a low spot on the driveway next to the house. We spent hours getting the ice out of the gutters, clearing out the blockage in the downspout, making a trench in the ice on the driveway to drain the water away, and then vacuuming up the water in the basement. I had cleaned the leaves out of the gutters early in the fall, but I was on the road a lot near the end of fall, and I didn't get around to cleaning the gutters again. Lesson learned. We'll also have to do some work next summer to sort out the grade around some parts of the house.

Today I finally finished the work on the replacement instrument panel, and put it in the aircraft to confirm that everything was OK. It turned out very nice, so now I can pull it and the fixed portions of the panel out and get them painted.