I got back late yesterday from a very unproductive trip to Wichita. We had quite a winter storm on Friday night and Saturday morning. It really looks like winter out there. :(

I ran into RV-8 builder Mark Richardson in the airport on Monday morning - he had gotten up very early to catch a flight with Northwest, but the flight was canceled, and he was re-booked on a flight several hours later. I thought "Sure glad I'm not flying Northwest.", as I spent several days stuck in Detroit several years ago.

But, my luck was no better than Mark's. My Air Canada flight to Chicago was canceled, and I got re-booked to Wichita on NW via Detroit and Minneapolis. Things were looking OK until the flight from Detroit to Minneapolis had a 45 minute ground hold, then we spent another 30 minutes in a holding pattern before landing. I missed the last flight to Green Bay by about two minutes.

There were no seats left on the morning flight to Green Bay on Tuesday, so I was re-booked to Wichita via Memphis. It took me four flights and over 24 hours to get to Wichita from Ottawa - a record that I hope to never break.

There wasn't enough time left on Tuesday after I arrived to do the review meetings and the planned flight, so the flight was canceled. We did a 6.2 hour day and night VMC famil flight on Wednesday, cycling four different pilots through the left seat in day and night conditions. We didn't get any real Enhanced Vision System (EVS) testing done, but we needed to get everyone back in the groove on the Global Express and the EVS. Thursday we headed for Rochester, MN to do some EVS testing in the weather, but we had an aircraft snag that meant we had to cut the flight short without accomplishing much. Friday we got the aircraft in mid afternoon, but all the suitable weather for EVS testing was a three-hour transit away - we weren't prepared to invest six hours of transit time after getting airborne later in the afternoon. Everyone had other commitments the following week, so we headed home on Saturday.

I spent today taking care of myriad odds and ends. The only project related thing I did was to finally put the temporary weather stripping around the garage door to keep the cold winter winds out. I hope to be home most of this week, so I'll continue on with the instrument panel work.

I did manage to get a bit of time to work on the POH in the hotel, so I've uploaded a newer version.