I had a couple of days in Montreal this week, and my brother was here for dinner on another night, but I managed to get a few hours to work on the project this week. I cut the holes for the flight and engine instruments, and made the cutouts needed for the bumps on the altimeter and CDI. I've still got to make the cutout needed for the bump on the VSI.

I'm heading to Wichita tomorrow for a week of Global Express Enhanced Visions System (EVS) (info from Thales). The EVS has an IR camera that displays an image in the Head Up Display. The IR camera can see further than the pilot in some types of weather, and is intended to allow landings in worse visibility than is possible using the naked eye. We've got several weeks of testing to do, as we need to find very poor visibility in different types of weather (rain, fog, snow, etc) in day and night conditions. Fortunately the Global Express has long legs, and can cruise at up to Mach 0.88 so we can get to wherever the weather is bad fairly quickly.