My recent trip to Brazil (CIA Fact Book entry) was the third time I've been there (two weeks in 1998, one week in October 2004, and two weeks in November 2004). Brazil certainly has its share of challenges, but I really like the people. They are extremely friendly and helpful, practical and optimistic.

This latest trip to Brazil has me thinking crazy thoughts about flying there via RV-8 someday. It's a very crazy idea, due to distance, weather, terrain, language, etc, etc, etc. But, I'm still pondering the idea. I started looking at maps, seeing where the airports are. The trip to São José dos Campos would be over 7,000 nm, which would be over 40 hours of flying each way. There are large expanses of jungle, and the vexed Intertropical Convergence Zone weather to contend with.

I haven't mentioned this crazy idea to my wife yet, but she'll be suspicious when she sees the list of Central and South American ONCs on my Christmas list.

I quite enjoyed my time in Argentina too, in 2000. So maybe this trip should go all the way to Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world, near the southern tip of South America.

Just dreaming. For now. :)