I've had a very busy few weeks, and the craziness isn't done yet.

I spent the first week of October in Brazil, doing 3.5 days of ground school on the EMBRAER ERJ-170, a half day in the avionics test rig, then did a famil flight. It was a fascinating week. I was back at the airport about 20 hours after getting back from Brazil, to fly to British Columbia for two weeks of vacation. It was a wonderful break, but I had originally thought that I had scheduled the vacation in a quiet period at work. But schedules slipped, and everything got crammed together.

After getting back from British Columbia ten days ago, there was a bunch of odds and ends that needed sorting out around the house, so no real project work got done. That Friday I flew to Wichita for some Beech King Air simulator training over the weekend, then flew back to Ottawa on Monday. Then some family arrived for a several day visit. On Saturday, I'll head back to Brazil for two weeks of ERJ-170 flight testing. After I get back from Brazil, I have a bunch of work to do in Montreal, then I probably have some Global Express flight testing to do in Wichita.

Project progress has essentially stopped for now, except for some work I'm doing on the POH and flight test program. It's frustrating, but there isn't much I can do about it.