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Some jerk has been posting comments with links to porn sites. There is a Geeklog plugin that should prevent that from happening, but I need to upgrade to the latest Geeklog software to use it, it seems. I'm going to be on the road for the next several weeks, starting tomorrow, so there is no time to do that.

I have disabled comments by anyone who is not logged in to the site. Hopefully that will stop the porn spam. I'll upgrade the site software sometime after life slows down a bit, which should allow me to eventually allow anonymous comments again.

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  • Well, I got hit with another comment with links to porn sites. I have a filter that is supposed to stop that, but something is amiss. I've turned anonymous comments off again for now. I'll look into why the filter failed after I get back home on the weekend.

    Kevin Horton

  • I checked out the comment filter, and it is working OK. But, it won't stop
    everything, and I'll have to update it as the spammers keep adding new
    sites. Now that I understand how the last porn spam made it through, I've
    turned anonymous comments back ON.

    Kevin Horton