It's been a busy week - too many other distractions to make much progress on the project. I did a few rounds of fill, sand and prime on various fibreglas parts, but not much changed in the big picture.

I did receive some used Vivisun annunciator lights from another builder - he had the legends redone. They are a huge improvement over the big round LEDs I currently have installed. They look much more "professional", as they are similar to the lights used in corporate and airline aircraft. The Vivisun lights work off 28 volts, so I'll need to make a 14v to 28v DC converter. I'll stick with the current setup to get flying sooner, but I'll order a new panel blank later and redo my panel after I get flying to sort out the lights and remove the removable portion that was intended for electric gyros.

Saturday I used two 6v lantern batteries and my 12v battery to test the lights in bright sunlight. They work very well - they are quite visible with sunlight directly shining on them, and also if the viewer is looking into the sun.

The "MSTR WARN" light will be connected to the EIS 4000. The other lights have a dark face if they are unlit.