I took some pictures of the alternate air door installation, but in case other RV-8 or RV-7 builders are wondering what it looks like. These pictures are applicable to RV-7 or RV-8s with Van's horizontal induction system (i.e. 200 hp IO-360A series engines, or the oddball 180 hp IO-360-M1B with fuel injection servo on the front end of the oil sump).

So far, I am quite impressed with the basic concept. It looks like it should work quite well. The only question in my mind is whether it will be possible to close the door while the engine is running, or whether the cowling will need to be pulled off to push the door closed. But it should open reliably, as it is pulled open by the push-pull cable.

The first picture shows the hole that must be cut in the left side of the induction snorkel.

This shot shows the flange that will be riveted to the induction snorkel, and the pivoting door in the open position. A push-pull cable will actuate the door.

Here is the door in the closed position. The bent over part of the flange at the top holds the door tight against the flange.