I've done quite a few short trips in the last few weeks, and also done a few minor projects around the house. Progress on the RV-8 project has been slow.

I've finished the annunciator light installation, and done a fair bit of experimenting with programs to record flight test data. I'll write up all the details on recording flight test data once I get everything completely sorted out.

I plumbed the pitot and static lines behind the instrument panel, including an alternate static port, and did a leak check. The alternate static port is just a Curtis CCA-1550 fuel drain valve. It is spring loaded closed, but can be turned and locked into the open position. The vertical piece of static line that it is on also acts as a moisture trap for part of the static system. Moisture can be drained by opening the valve. I'll be installing another vertical line and plug in the aft fuselage, at the point that is lowest when the aircraft is sitting on the ground.

I had been agonizing over how to design an alternate air door for the induction air. But Van eventually designed alternate air door kits for all the RV models, following an accident and an incident with RVs that were attributed to snow blocking the air filter. His design is certainly a lot simpler and lighter than the idea I had in mind. I started installation of alternate air door this week, but had to stop as Van sent the wrong rivets. I've order the correct rivets, and I'll pick up this part of the project when they arrive.

Today I drilled the holes for the jacks for the GNS-430 data line and for the music input into the PMA-4000 audio panel. I wired up a line to go from Terry's iPod to the music jack, and did a functional test. It worked great! The auto panel automatically mutes the music if anything is heard on the radio, or if we talk on the intercom. The muting for radio traffic is only for the front seat though, which is probably OK, as I suspect Terry won't be too interested in ATC stuff.

I've also spent too many hours puzzling over how to control the sliding door I built to control the airflow into the oil cooler. I had a concept, and obtained a control cable. But I discovered that the cable didn't have enough travel. So I then pondered making a bellcrank with different length arms to multiply the travel. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how long the bellcrank arms needed to be, where to pivot it, how to support the pivot, whether it would interfere with anything else, etc. It was turning into quite a nightmare. Then another builder suggested I just use a Bowden cable without a knob on the end, as then the travel could be whatever I wanted. Of course I would still need to come up with something on the cockpit end instead of a knob. I think I have devised a lever arrangement that will work. I'll build up a prototype sometime to try it out.