I installed a CO Guardian CO detector this week. It sits on the right side of the cockpit, ahead of the fuel selector. It should have been a fairly quick installation, but I had to buy a soldering iron to solder the wires onto the switch, as my soldering gun isn't suited to delicate work. The first soldering iron I bought turned out to be a cheap piece of junk, so I ran around to all the local electronics stores and ended up finding a Weller WLC-100 soldering station on sale. It seems like it will work well enough for the stuff I need to do.

There is an LED display that will indicate the CO concentration. The CO monitor will beep continuously if the CO exceeds a its warning threshold. The switch to its right allows it to be switched off in case it ever goes crazy for no good reason.

I also did some messing around with a potential annunciator panel solution, an LED light bar from Stanley. I rigged up a bread board test article, now I need to get a sunny day to see how visible they are.

LED light bar illuminated.