I ran the remote compass line forward this week. I had to secure it in quite a few places, as I had to route it around several stringers, rudder cables, etc. I also took the time to secure another wire bundle in the under floor area.

Yesterday I put the connector on the front end of the remote compass cable. Several other Dynon users have reported that there is quite a bit of electrical noise from the remote compass module, and that this causes noise on the radios. Based on an idea from other users, I put a switch in the power line going to the remote compass module, so I can turn it off and kill the noise if needed. Yesterday afternoon I tried powering up the EFIS to check whether the remote compass module was working. If the remote compass module is not working the EFIS uses a magnetometer inside the EFIS case. I powered up the EFIS and waved a magnet near it - the heading moved erratically, which meant the remote compass module was not talking to the EFIS. :( I was pretty bummed out, so I left the garage in disgust and came in for a couple of beer.

I had nightmares last night about the possibility of having a broken wire in the remote compass cable and having to replace it. But I happily discovered that I had simply put the power line to the wrong pin in the connector at the remote compass module. It was a real pain getting the connector reassembled while lying on my back working way up over my head, but I finally managed to get everything back together.

The remote compass module works properly now. :) The indicated heading is withing a few degrees of the direction I think the aircraft is pointed. It is pretty preliminary, but I can't hear any noise on the radios.

I revisited the rear seat intercom wiring today. I had started to run the wires back to the rear seat awhile ago, but I wasn't happy with the routing, so I put it aside. Today my brain saw a great routing that I had missed before, so I ran the cable. Next I need to solder on the headphone jacks and wire the rear seat Push-To-Talk.