Awhile back I mentioned that I was considering getting a hangar at Carp, CYRP. I eventually decided to reserve one of the units in the set of T-hangars that were being built. I took possession in late November, and managed to sub-lease the unit to another pilot starting 1 Dec. He'll probably use the unit until I am ready to move the aircraft to the airport.

The hangar is well built, but I am not crazy about the choice in doors. The doors hang from tracks, and slid sideways to open. My unit has about a 5 inch gap between the bottom of the doors and the paved floor, and there is a about a two inch gap running vertically at each end where the doors slide out.

Today I went out to the hangar and cobbled together a mod to close the gap between the bottom of the doors and the floor. That'll keep most of the snow out this winter. Next summer I'll look at fitting some rubber strips to close off those vertical gaps.

I met up with John Perrin at the hangar - it turns out he has a unit diagonally behind mine. His RV-8 is ready for first flight as soon as he can get the final inspection done. He hopes to get over that hurdle early in the New Year. His will be the first flying RV-8 in the Ottawa area.

This evening I spent some time making up some paper cutouts to decide whether it is possible to get an RV-3 in the unit with my RV-8. A friend of mine is building an RV-3, and we have talked about sharing a hangar to cut costs. It looks like the only way to fit them both in is if I arrange to knock down the partition between one corner of my T and the end of the hangar. Then we could get both planes in, but the front one would have to come out to get the back one in or out. We'll make a decision about this after both aircraft are flying.