I spent over two hours today just running the tail position light wire through the rear fuselage and then securing it with an Adel clamp (too much info). I had to work in the rear fuselage, just ahead of the horizontal stabilizer. Running the wire wasn't too bad, as I could do it with one hand. I did get partially stuck trying to get out though. The rear fuselage is too narrow to allow room to move my arm from above my head down to my side. My elbow hits a bulkhead. I got hung up this morning, and it took me several minutes to free myself. The aircraft is a tail-dragger, which means the aft end of the fuselage is lower than the front. So every time you wriggle around the implacable force of gravity tends to drag you further towards the tail cone.

This evening I needed to secure the rear fuselage wiring with an Adel clamp. It normally takes two hands to install one of those things, but it is very, very difficult to find a way to get both hands above my head in the rear fuselage. I actually managed to get the Adel clamp installed with the nut done up finger tight using only one hand, but there was no way to tighten it up without the second hand. I tried several times to get in there, each time giving up after a few minutes of contortions and coming out for a rest. Finally I managed to find the right combination of contortions to get in there, tighten the bolt and escape. Ouch.