I spent most of last weekend and the first three days of last week down with a virus, so I didn't get any project work done. I got a lot of electrical work done this weekend, but unfortunately it was Christmas light work, and not RV-8 work. But this afternoon I finally managed to sneak in the garage for awhile and I attacked the position light wiring. I got the switch installed and wired, and the wire from the switch back to the underfloor area where it splits three ways to power the wing tip and tail lights. And then I ran out of wire. I thought I had more than enough, but it takes a lot of wire to snake all the way to each wing tip via a convoluted routing under the floor. I'll leave a coil of wire coming out the side of the fuselage at each side and string them into the wings when I mount them.

Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up some wire at the local avionics shop.