I attached the tail strobe wiring this week. I had a plan of how I was going to route the rudder strobe and position lights out the end of the fuselage and into the rudder bottom fairing. But it became clear that Plan A was probably not going to stand up well once I started to actually put the strobe light wiring in place.

I had planned to bring the tail strobe and position light wires through a gap between the lower part of the empennage fairing and the outside edge of the vertical stab rear spar. Then I planned to curl the wires around the VS spar flange, and run them down to the bottom, then over to the central part of the VS rear spar and into the front of the rudder bottom fairing.

But once I ran the wires I started agonizing over the likelihood of the wires chafing on the VS rear spar flange. Additionally, I couldn't' come up with a good way to secure the wires as they ran down the VS spar to the bottom centre.

So, Plan B - I drilled a 7/16 hole in the VS rear spar, centred between the three bolts that secure its lower end. I agonized for a day before making the hole, but that part of the spar shouldn't be carrying too much load, as the loads have to go to the bolt holes. The trick is to smooth all the edges so I don't get a stress concentration.

I got essentially nothing done this weekend. We had a bunch of running around to do yesterday, we had company over last night, and today I have been stricken with some sort of bug. I feel like crud, and I can't concentrate, so I decided I ran too big a risk of making a big screwup if I tried to work.