I was on the road at a Flight Test Workshop last week. It was basically a classroom refresher course on various flight test subjects that we decided to run in-house.

I'm slowly pecking away at the remaining electrical system work. I ran the wires for the pitot heat, leaving a coil of wire where it exits the fuselage. Originally I planned to have some sort of connector for the pitot heat wire at the wing root, but practically speaking the wings will probably never be removed once the aircraft is completed, so there didn't seem to be a lot of sense to adding this connector. It would just create several more connections in a high current wire, and could lead to problems down the road. I'll leave a few extra inches of wire at the wing root, so I can cut the wires and use butt splices if I ever have to remove the wings.

I hadn't made up many of the wire bundles yet - I was just laying all the wires next to each other along the planned routing. Now I am starting to bundle and secure the wires in areas that I believe I have no more wires to run.

I've just got one more switch to wire on the Right Subpanel, and it will be done - Turn Coordinator. But I'm still waiting for several orders of odds and ends to arrive first, as I am running out of FastOn tabs. Hopefully they will arrive on Monday.

I've been slowly working on the flight test plan and the Pilot's Operating Handbook in my spare time.