I had high hopes of getting most of the fibreglas work done last summer, but I didn't get as far as I would have liked. I absolutely hate working on the stuff, so I didn't put as much time in on it as I should have. I finally officially declared fibreglas season closed, and started back at all the other aspects of the project.

I had previously done part of the electric pitch trim wiring, so I decided it was time to close it off. I ran all the rest of the wires, except the ones that go from the cockpit to the cockpit to the elevator. I hooked the servo up with some jumper cables, and did a functional test. It didn't work at first, and it took a bit of messing around with a multimeter to find a wire that I hadn't connect. Much to my relief everything then worked perfectly - front seat trim switch, back seat trim switch, trim disconnect switch on the stick, and trim power/rear seat trim disable. It all worked. No smoke.

I ordered a trim cable to go to the back of the aircraft this afternoon, plus I ordered a roll trim relay deck. I'll finish up all the electric trim wiring after I get that stuff.

I spent three hours this afternoon poring through catalogs and putting in on-line orders for a whole bunch of miscellaneous items. It's one thing to have a mental picture of what you want - it's a whole other thing to find the right part number to order.

Tonight I ran the wires for the Hobbs meter. It's power runs through a Datcon 100451 oil-pressure switch. The same switch will also control an oil pressure light - if the oil pressure is less than 15 psi the low oil pressure light will illuminate, and the Hobbs meter will not be running. If the oil pressure is more than 15 psi the oil pressure light will be out, and the Hobbs meter will run. I wanted the oil pressure light to back up the pressure transducer that feeds the EIS 4000 Engine Information System. If the oil pressure on the EIS 4000 and the oil pressure light are telling different stories I'll treat it as an indication problem - i.e. continue to planned destination. If the oil pressure light and the indicated oil pressure both say the oil pressure is low, then I'll treat it as a real problem and land as soon as possible.