I finally managed to get back at the project today.

Last Tuesday night I drilled the new aft part of the canopy skirts to the frame. The right side fits excellently. The left side isn't quite perfect, but it is much, much better than it was before. I'll probably have to make one more small mod to remove a small gap in one spot.

Today I trimmed the new aft skirts a bit more, then put them in place and bonded one ply of fibreglas across the aft end to tie the two skirt halves together. After it cures I'll put the canopy off and turn it upside down on some pillows so I can put a few more plies of fibreglas on the inside at the rear.

I realized I hadn't looked at the wheel pants for awhile, so I pulled them out, intending to countersink the holes where the various screws go that hold them together. But when I looked at them I saw that I needed to put some filler on a bunch of areas. So, I cleaned the surface, roughed it up, mixed the filler and put it on.