I'm leaving for the EAA Fly-In at Oshkosh, WI tomorrow. I'll take the airlines to Chicago, rent a car and drive to WI. I'll be staying with a sister-in-law between Green Bay and Oshkosh. I'll be at the Fly-In for three days and come back home on Friday.

I'm looking forward to meeting other builders and seeing a bunch of completed aircraft. Other RV-8 builders have organized get-togethers in the Theatre in the Woods at 9 AM on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I should make the first two of these gatherings.

I made progress on the canopy skirt this week - the right aft part is looking promising enough that I started the process to make a new left aft portion. I also got a good start at fitting the fibreglas rudder bottom fairing. And I trimmed the rear seat back so it doesn't rub on the passenger shoulder harness.