It's been a busy week. I spent the week in Orlando at an Enhanced Visions Systems conference (i.e. infrared camera which provides a view in a heads up display so the pilot can see to land in thick fog). I managed to find some time to visit Bernie Kerr, who took me in a ride in his RV-6A, and gave me a tour of the air park he lives on. Very nice set up. I'm jealous.

Yesterday I took care of a bunch of odds and ends. Today was the second nice day we've had this spring, and it has snowed twice since the last really nice day, so Terry and I took full advantage of this one. We went for a long walk, sat outside to drink coffee, etc. Late this afternoon I attacked the RV-8 project again.

I modded the mount for the Navaid wing leveler to make more room for a wire bundle, then primed the parts for the mount. Then I checked out the GNS-430 com transmit, using a VHF scanner to listen. The transmissions were extremely broken, but I think perhaps the 12 volt power supply I am using doesn't have enough juice. At least I really, really hope that is the explanation. I need to get a decent 12 V battery to power things to try again.

Then I redid the calibration of the CDI course, as I noted a consistent 1° error between the course that was displayed on the CDI, and the course sensed by the GNS-430. And I confirmed that the GNS-430 and the transponder were talking to each other - I thought there was a problem, but I once I went into the maintenance pages I could see that the transponder altitude data was being seen by the GNS-430.

A couple of other builders were interested in some details of the SD-8 standby alternator installation, so I posted a few pictures of it in the Construction Photo Gallery.