I was surprised, and gratified, to see today that my collection of Flight Test Links was mentioned on the RV Builder's Hotline, an electronic weekly RV newsletter published by Bob Collins. The whole point of this list of links is to help amateur-built aircraft builders do better and safer flight testing. So the more eyeballs that find this list, the better.

Bob mentioned that several of the links were broken. I've got so many links that it isn't practical to check them manually. Most of the automatic link checkers won't work, as the links are pointers to an entry in a database, as the link checkers simply find that the link to the database is OK, rather than check the underlying link. I had hoped that I could rely on people to let me know if a link had gone bad, but I guess that doesn't work. So, I finally got off my butt, and figured out how to export a list of links to a file, and then automatically check that list using deadlinkcheck. I've now got a list of bad links (it looks like about 15% of them are suspect), and I'll gradually fix them, or delete them over the next while.

Update - 0730 4 June 2006 - I've fixed or removed most of the bad Flight Test Links, I think. Please let me know if I have missed any. I'll start working on the bad RV Links this evening.

Update - 11 June 2006 - All the links should be working now, I think. I've also cobbled together a script that checks for bad links every day and e-mails me a report. I should be able to keep on top of them now.