Site Status Update - I've got all the construction status pages from the old RV-8 web site copied over to this new site. I've also brought over all the Flight Test Links. I've started bringing the RV Links, but it will probably take a couple of weeks of spare time (i.e. when I'm too tired to be building the aircraft) to get them all copied over. Then I'll be working on fine tuning the visual presentation of the site.

Site Features - The software that is running this new site has some interesting features.

  • Search Engine - There is a pretty good search function built it, available from the top of every page. If you type one word, it will find every instance of that word. If you type several words, it assumes that it is a phrase. If you put commas between words, it assumes each word is a search term and it looks for pages that have all those words on them.
  • Comments - You can leave comments on pretty much any page.
  • Submit Links - Visitors can submit links for the Links page.
  • User Preferences - If you log in, you have the option to set a number of user preferences, including different visual presentations, which pieces of info to display, etc.

The big reason I am changing the site is that the old one had become too much work to update. I kept entering status updates on the Status Page, but I had to manually move old info to the appropriate pages, which took a lot of work. All I have to do now is write the original item and the Geeklog software takes care of everything else automatically. So I should be able to keep the site more up to date.