I just got back Friday night from two weeks on the road. Since the last update, I finished fitting the left aileron, fitted the left flap, and fitted both aileron gap seals. The first attempt at fitting the left aileron gap seal didn't go very well. I was concerned about getting the aft edge of the upper wing skin nice and straight, so I clamped a 4 foot long level to it, to force it straight. Well, with the level clamped in place, I could no longer check that the part of the skin that extended aft of the rear spar was still nicely aligned with the rest of the skin. After I drilled all the holes I removed the level, and has horrified to find that the weight of the level had put a curve in the aft edge of the skin, and it no longer was properly aligned with the rest of the wing skin. So, I had to drill some more holes in the gap seal, get it all lined up, and redrill it to the rear spar. The second go came out OK. I've got a bunch of extra holes in the rear spar now, but they are near the centre, where the stresses are at a minimum, so it will be OK.

I've got to deburr the aileron gap seals, countersink the flap braces, prime them (and the aileron push rods), rivet the flap braces in place, rivet the aileron push rods, do a final inspection myself, and then I am ready for the official inspection I need before I can put the lower wing skins on. Almost there :-)