I was away most of this week, so I didn't get too much done. Yesterday, I fabricated and primed a mount for the power supply for the strobe lights. I decided to mount it against the side of the fuselage, just behind the aft baggage compartment. I made four little brackets from 0.063 x 3/4 x 3/4 angle, riveted them to the lower and mid longerons, and bolted two long vertical pieces made from the same size angle to the brackets. The power supply attaches to the vertical pieces.

Today I riveted the mount in place, and then crawled inside the forward fuselage to drill and cleco the inner skin of the door to the frame. I haven't order the lock yet, so I'll fit the door latch in the next millennium. I also drilled a couple of holes to mount Adel clamps which will secure the wires going to the tail strobe and position lights. I'm pretty much ready to rivet the aft fuselage upper skin in place. I just have to make and prime some shims to improve the fit on two of the bulkheads. Hopefully, I'll get that skin riveted this week, so I can start fitting the canopy frame.