This week, I mostly assembled the front baggage compartment door, and started to fit it to the opening in the fuselage. Here you see it in place, with a bunch of 0.125 tabs holding it flush with the outer skin. The next step is to crawl inside the forward fuselage and drill and cleco the inner skin of the door, which stiffens it up and locks the shape. It is pretty flexible now, and not quite the right shape. Hopefully it will fit a bit better once the inner skin is helping hold it in the right shape. I can't completely finish the door now, because I forgot to order the lock from Van's. I'm not going to order it until I have a bunch of other items to add to the order.

I also drilled and installed the aft fuselage static ports, and did a bunch of filing on the aft shoulder harness mounts to make them fit better.