After righting the fuselage, and installing the fuel valve, I installed the front seat back support, and the canopy bow. The canopy bow is huge, which is comforting as it also serves as the roll over protection.

Next, I finally got around to mounting the control sticks, pushrods and bellcrank, drilled the holes in the elevator control horns where the elevator pushrod attaches, and built up the last pushrod. To drill the control horns, I drilled a hole in one horn, then installed the elevators on the horizontal stab, and got them both lined up in neutral. A friend used a thickness planer to make a piece of hard wood that was the same thickness as the distance between the elevator horns. I drilled a pilot hole through it at right angles, and used it as a drill guide to ensure the hole in the other elevator horn was perfectly lined up. Worked great - once I put the pushrod in between, and tightened up the bolt, both elevators were at the same angle.

In ended up going on several road trips in the midst of all this, which explains the slow pace. I need the overtime though to help pay for the engine and avionics, so I guess I can't complain too much.