Van supplies a brass fuel valve that looks like something you would find the the plumbing section of the hardware store. Most builders use it, and are happy with it, but I didn't like the industrial look or the way it felt when you turned it. Andy Phillips, a British RV builder has a business that supplies high quality components to the airline and expensive car industries. Andair sells a very nice fuel valve that I just had to have once I saw one. It has very nice detents at the Left and Right positions, and has a knob that you have to pull to get the valve into the Off position.

I mounted it in the same position that Van recommends putting the standard fuel valve, but I had to build up two custom brackets to hold it. The front bracket (right side of the picture) is riveted in place. The aft bracket mounts with #6 screws, as the fuel valve couldn't be put in place if both brackets were there first.

The fuel valve sits on top of the brackets.

The cover sits on top of the fuel valve. I'm going to buy some round head screws to use instead of those three bolts.