The basic design has rudder pedals that slide back and forth on a tube, with an adjusting mechanism similar to that seen on many gliders. Van is a big soaring fan, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

I bought the optional "ground adjustable" rudder pedals. They are lighter, cheaper and simpler, but they cannot be adjusted in flight. The rudder pedals can be bolted to one of four different fore and aft locations on the two angles that you see here. The aluminum angles are riveted to the floor.

The rudder pedals can only be adjusted on the ground, if you are willing to dive under the instrument panel with a wrench (or take the floor out of the forward baggage compartment, and come in through the forward baggage compartment door). I'm going to be the only guy flying in the front seat, and my legs stopped growing years ago, so I don't expect to have to move them once I figure out what position I like the best.