I started riveting the left landing gear box together today. I found the Avery "C-Frame" tool worked well for riveting the F-802A, B & C to the two pieces of angle.

The instructions say to cleco the Wd-822 (the big grey-green piece at the bottom left of the picture) and the rest of the landing gear box to the inside of the fuselage, then rivet the whole thing together. But, this means you have to buck all the rivets holding the Wd-822 to the rest of the landing gear box with your hand stuck through a pretty small area.

Many builders rivet the whole thing together on the work bench, then stick the works up into the fuselage and rivet it in place. This gives much better access to those rivets on the sides, because you can come at them from the big opening where the fuselage skin would be (the left side of the box in the picture attaches to the side of the fuselage).

But, one builder reported that he had an alignment problem when he tried to rivet his already assembled landing gear box into the fuselage. Clecos don't fill the hole quite as much as a rivet does, so it is possible to have a tiny bit of misalignment even though the hole thing clecos nicely together.

So, I tried a hybrid solution. I clecoed the whole works into the fuselage, and stuck rivets through a bunch of holes to make sure that every thing was aligned. Then I riveted two rivets on each side of the landing gear box to lock the Wd-822 and the rest of the assembly together. Then I took the whole thing out, and clamped it to the workbench to do the final riveting.