The instructions call for some of the items that attach to the fuselage skins to be drilled later, after the skins are riveted on, and the fuselage is turned upright. But, you have to dimple the holes before you rivet the skins on, because you won't be able to get a squeezer to the holes later. That means that when you finally drill the holes in those items, you are trying to drill through a dimpled hole. Apparently this will work with acceptable accuracy, but I wasn't crazy about the concept.

I elected to drill almost all those items now, with the fuselage in the jig. I drilled the F-860A, B & C armrests, the F-864 and F-865 consoles, and the F-866 forward baggage bulkhead. I didn't drill the F-803 instrument panel, as those holes are close enough to the top of the skin that I will be able to dimple them later.