The F-824 aft side skins are drilled and clecoed on now. I drilled the tail spring mount, and fabricated the rear seat belt attachments.

I did have to move the F-811 and F-812 bulkheads aft slightly to get them to line up nicely with the prepunched holes in the skin. That meant I had to enlarge a notch in the F-887 longeron where it interfered with the F-811. I wish I had put the skins up along side the bulkheads before making that notch, so I could have got them in the right place the first time, as it was a real pain in the butt to extend it - I would have had to disassemble the whole fuselage to extract the longerons, so I had to do the work in place.

I also had a bit of frustration with the mid aft longerons. It turned out that I had cut up one of the pieces of angle that I should have been saving for this part. I managed to borrow a piece of angle from another builder, so it wasn't a major hold up.