Smiths Falls to Toronto City CentreToday was a rare combination of good weather and Terry and I both being free of other commitments, so we flew out to Toronto for lunch. Toronto City Centre Airport (CYTZ), on Toronto Island, in the harbour right next to downtown Toronto, makes a great destination, as there are myriad nice eating places within walking distance once you take the ferry or walking tunnel to the mainland.


CN Tower, Sky Dome and condos close by the right side during final approach to runway 24Final approach to runway 24 took as right by the CN Tower, Sky Dome and dozens of condo towers.


Downtown Toronto, seen after landing while waiting to cross runway 26We had a great view of downtown Toronto while waiting to cross runway 26, after back tracking to the button of 24 (the taxiway at the west end of runway 24 was closed for construction).


Dining in the shade in the outside garden at Le Select BistroWe had a fantastic lunch at Le Select Bistro, which is a great North American interpretation of a French bistro (the original version would have the tables jammed much closer together, to get twice as many customers in the same space, but otherwise it is pretty close).


Toronto Island, the airport and downtown Toronto in view shortly after departureWe had a great view of Toronto Island, the airport, and downtown Toronto after taking off on runway 24, then circling Toronto Island to head east.

Back home, on downwind for runway 24 at Smiths Falls (CYSH)