I had a great visit time in Yarmouth for four days, but Thursday the weather picture suggested that this was the right day to head home. I usually try to fly non-stop from Yarmouth to Smiths Falls, but that becomes less enticing if the headwinds are too strong, or the weather in the Ottawa area a bit dodgy, as it is good to arrive with a fair bit of fuel if the weather is not so good.

Flight Track for Yarmouth -> Sherbrooke -> Smiths FallsOn Thursday, the predicted headwinds would drive the non-stop flight duration up to about 3:20, and there was an approaching frontal system which could have meant a need for an instrument approach after arrival. Thursday morning, I pondered the large coffee I had just consumed, then decided to break the trip in two pieces, with a stop in Sherbrooke, QC, about 2:00 into the trip.


Moosehead LakeHere we see Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in Maine.


That coffee was beginning to talk to me by the time I got to Sherbrooke, so I was glad that I had decided to stop. After refueling, I had a great omelette in the airport restaurant, then did the last 1:20 flight to Smiths Falls.


Bugs - Ugh!After getting home, the first task was to clean off the bugs from the trip. They come off fairly easily, if you don’t let them sit for too many days.


Wide Angle Lens ViewWide angle lens look.


Wide Angle Lens Close-UpWide angle close-up.


Ready to go back into the hangarAfter dealing with the bugs, I decided to play around a bit with the camera.