I booked Thursday as a day off, as I was scheduled to be heading on the road on Sunday, for some flight testing. The weather was good, so I took full advantage with an RV-8 flight, the first one with the new airspeed indicator (ASI). It was quite turbulent, so it was hard to get an exact comparison with the airspeed indicator on the EFIS. Within the limits of accuracy imposed by the turbulence, it seemed like the new analog ASI was very close to the EFIS airspeed at normal cruise speeds, but it indicated roughly 5 kt fast during approach and landing. I intend to do a proper ASI instrument error check against a water manometer sometime in the next couple of months.

We got word on Friday that there was a two day delay in our travel, as the weather in Kansas has been poor, and the company had not yet finished their flight testing, so they are not ready for us to do our portion of this test phase. I just got another update a few minutes ago, and the poor weather has continued, so we have another two day delay, with the latest plan having us leave Ottawa on Thursday. At one point, I had hoped to fly the RV-8 to Yarmouth yesterday, returning home on Wednesday, but that got cancelled because I was supposed to head to Wichita on Sunday. Now, with Plan D, I won't be leaving until Thursday at the earliest, so I could have flown to Yarmouth after all, if only I had a better crystal ball. Drat.