Spring has finally arrived, and the weather today was gorgeous. Terry and I took advantage with our first lunch flight of the year, to Sherbrooke, QC. The last time we were at Sherbrooke was our second last flight together last year, during the peak of the fall leaves.  Sherbrooke has a very nice airport restaurant, and friendly and helpful line staff.  It is always a pleasure to stop there.

We hope to start doing longer trips with the aircraft in a few weeks, so this was a good chance for Terry to get reacclimatized to travelling by RV–8.

Mount Orford, still with snowWe were quite shocked to see several ski hills with all the ski runs still covered by snow. They must have made snow until very late in the season. Here is Mount Orford, near Magog, QC. It was open until 07 April 2015, which was the earliest it had closed in the several seasons. In 2014, it was open until 18 April.


On top of the clouds, at 10,000 ft On the way home, clouds had moved in near Sherbrooke - we climbed up to 10,000 ft to get on top to find smooth air.