If you noticed that the site looks completely different, it is because it is now being served by Joomla, instead of Geeklog. Geeklog was the right choice in 2002, when I started using it, but it has long since been surpassed by several other Content Management Systems, and it sadly seems to have lost many maintainers, with only a skeleton staff still there, trying to keep the lights on.

I considered WordPress, but was somewhat put off by the apparent regular security issues. Then I looked at Drupal, largely because it has an excellent reputation for security, but I found it required more expert knowledge to set up than I was willing to acquire. Joomla seems like a good compromise. Possibly more secure than Wordpress, but much easier to set up and maintain than Drupal.

I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do to sort out all the final odds and ends. The look of the site needs some more work. I need to chase down any links still pointing to content on the Geeklog version of the site, and redirect them to the equivalent pages on the new site.

User IDs and Passwords - I moved the user IDs over, but there was no way to bring the passwords, so all registered users will have to go through the “I forgot my password procedure”.  The old site had accumulated many thousands of users who had only registered to attempt to add spam comments.  The site security generally stopped the spam, but it didn't stop them from creating accounts.  I purged any suspicious accounts when I moved to the new site, and I may have accidently deleted a few legimiate accounts by mistake - let me know if the site is not recognizing your old login ID, and I can manually insert the user data from the old site. You can contact me via the Contact Page.

Let me know about issues - I'm sure there will be a fair share of hiccups after this switch to Joomla - please inform me of any issues you discover and I'll endeavoour to sort them out. You can contact me via the Contact Page.