We got back late this afternoon from a great trip to Manitowoc, WI to visit some of Terry’s sisters. We flew down Saturday morning - airborne at 8:40, stopped at Sault Ste. Marie, MI for Customs and fuel, and arrived in Manitowoc at 12:13 (1:13 PM Ottawa time). We had hoped to stay until tomorrow, but all the weather forecasters predicted thunderstorms for that area on Tuesday, so we bailed out this morning. 3:34 flying time on the way there, and 3:39 on the way home. What a great way to travel!


Here is Terry all bundled up to keep warm in the RV–8 back seat. I’ve got lots of heat up front, but not too much of this air makes it to the back.


There are huge numbers of small lakes in much of Ontario. This shot is south west of Sudbury, ON.


The Manistique River in Michigan, on the north shore of Lake Michigan has more loops than any meandering river I have ever seen!