Today Terry and I did our first lunch trip of the year, to the Landing 27 Bistro restaurant the the Peterborough airport. It was the first time Terry had been in the aircraft since our trip back from Nova Scotia in early July 2012. I discovered a major engine issue shortly after that trip, and the aircraft was out of service until November. The back seat isn’t a fun place during the winter, as there isn’t enough heat back there, so she didn’t come along on any flights until today.

The flights to and from Peterborough were great, and the food was excellent. We even got rarely lucky with the winds. There was a cold front approaching, and the winds at altitude changed significantly while we were on the ground. We had 10–15 kt of headwind on the way to Peterborough, but the wind increased while we ate so that we had a solid 25 kt tailwind on the way home, with the ground speed averaging 200 kt.